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Chrism Scented Essential Oil

Remember how lovely and angelic your baby smelled after they were baptized? The fragrance of Chrism Oil, rich with balsam and spice, that made your baby smell truly heavenly?

Our Khrisma Essential Oil blend is based on this divine aroma. It can be used in a diffuser or with other aromatherapy techniques.  Lovingly crafted using 100% all natural patchouli, nutmeg, and clove bud essential oils.

Makes a perfect and unique gift for Advent or Christmas, baptism or confirmation, and will fill your home with the heavenly and joyful aroma of these Sacraments of Initiation!

Be sure to check out our other products as well. Our CheruBalm baby skin balm is perfect for soothing delicate skin, and comes in a variety of scents, including chrism!

Our new apparel line allows you and your family to stylishly display your love for your faith. Hoodies added just in time for winter!

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Khrisma Essence Essential Oil Blend 15 mL

$ 18.99
STILL AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.COM Inspired by the saintly scent of Chrism Oil, this is the 100% pure essential oil blend used to make our Khrisma balm!  Can be used for diffusion or other aromatherapy techniques.  Contains essential oils of patchouli, nutmeg, and clove bud. Not for topical or internal use....

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